We are 2 months to the day out from our due date and I am feeling it.

So, you, know, it was SUPER helpful to have this conversation with Lucy this last weekend.

“Mom, can I rest downstairs?” (Read: “Can I go and party out of your site and destroy all I touch?”)

“No-o-o-o-o. You need to stay up here.” (Read: “I’m on to you.  I wasn’t born yesterday.”)

“But Gemma is downstairs.” (Translation: “I won’t give this up easily.”)

“Well, Gemma needs to come upstairs, too.” (Translation: “Nice try.”)

With that, she moved to the top of the stairs to holler at her sister.

“Gemma! Our ‘old mother’ says you have to come upstairs and rest!”

Then she turned and gave me a condescending smile and skipped off to my bed where I considered using my big, old body to squish her.  Someday she’ll understand that she’s part of the problem while she should be a part of the solution.