Dear Readers,

I know I said I would be on top of things. Please believe me when I say I have been. 

I’ve been on top of pick-up truck tool boxes, bicycles and even Cement Ridge.  I’ve been on top of my kids for eating while wandering (not so much of a problem at the lake, but ants have taken up residence here at home.  Boo.), excessive whininess and thinking they run the joint.  I’ve even been on top of the laundry.

But here?  As you noticed, not so much.

All too soon Mama Syd and Papa Chris and the excitement that they bring will be gone and life will slow down.  When that happens, I’ll be frequenting this spot regularly. 

In the midst of these crazy summer days, I appreciate you sticking with me and not being on top of me about my inconsistency.  That’s what I love about you!