If you were here during prayer times and you asked the kids what the “number one rule” for prayer is, they’d all yell


(They tend to be a little zealous/enthusiastic/out-of-control. . .)

They are good about being on the look out for things that are problematic for others (i.e. Dad’s cell phone or books for Philip) and are usually very honest about what gets to them.  “Um, is that going to be distracting for you?” I will ask and they usually look the item over and opt to throw it away from their sight.


A few days ago, though, while I was rounding them up for prayer, I was met by this at the top of the stairs:

“Mama?  I promise these won’t be a ‘detraction’ for me.  Serious.  I really promise.”

I laughed until the others came to check if I had finally lost it, took this photo and then prayed.

Sans ponies.