Above is what greeted me Monday when I came home from an evening out discussing politics. (Serious. We’re reading this book and preparing for this. Makes me feel grown up.) 
Actually, before I even opened the door, I could smell wonderful spices and feel the warmth from inside. That, my friends, is what home is about!
My amazing husband had not only taken the kiddos to the grocery store to get required items for gingerbread (and some Golden Oreos and Peppermint bark just for me) but had then made and baked it with them, too. Just because they mentioned they wanted to after cutting gingerbread men from playdough. Awesome.
It should be noted that I got home about 10:30. But the kids were happy and in jammies and I got to help put them to bed. Yet another perk of not having to have kids to school at a given time!
While you’re admiring the cookies, lets play a game of “I Spy.” I spy with my little eye …
On the table: an empty salt shaker, an opened bag of Chinese noodles, a box of beads, 2 candlesticks, a napkin holder full of mail, headphones. 
On Tess: a scratch from her brothers, unzipped jams (she must have access to her belly), paci (also required to sleep.)
*The table and Tess usually look like this.