We now return to yet another riveting installment of ‘Our Daily Suds’!

We find our young heroine on her knees before the washer once again. She is in a rush as the baby crying upstairs and the children who should be learning are threatening to burn down the house. She had run down the stairs hoping that the washing machine had run it’s cycle because the pile in the bedroom had threatened her just hours before. It was with relief that she saw she could change loads. Opening the door, she pulls out wet and clinging clothes. She thinks she is done when – what is this? Something peeks out from between the rubber seal and the drum! What could it be?? Tentative and curious, she gingerly pulls it free, discovering a long lost sock! She is confused and yet filled with hope! Could this indeed be the mythical depository of forgotten socks? Heart beating, all other cares forgotten, our heroine pulls back the rubber seal revealing no less than 4 socks, a hex bug and a good deal of Monday hair. Who cares that the socks are a muted gray, no longer wearable? Her joy is unbounded, comparable only to the discovery of El Dorado or an extra hour of sleep. Mystery solved, she starts the dryer and counts this as a victory for the ages.

Join us next time for the puzzling mystery, ‘Where are Tess’s chonies?’ on ‘Our Daily Suds’!