Since Mama Syd and Papa Chris’ visit, Tess has been working on names.  Just this week she’s been using our names with great frequency.  It cracks us up that we’ve kept Philip “Philip.”  However, on her own, Tess has taken to calling him “Phil” ALL THE TIME.  It sounds more like “Feel” out of her mouth, but it’s clear nonetheless.

In addition, she’s attempting to sort out her own name.  This week our friend Susan has been trying to get her to say “Susan.”  The method included Susan pointing to herself and saying “Susan!”  Tess was coy the first day and refused to play.  On day two, she took to it with abandon and when she announced “Susan!” we cheered and clapped with enthusiasm.  What we didn’t notice, however, was that Tess was pointing to herself. As a result, now when we ask “What’s your name?”  she pokes a finger in her chest and yells “Susan!!!” then claps and announces “Yay!”  Maybe she was supposed to be Suzie Jayhwk after all! domain name data . Peta satelit dunia .