Ellie and I have had numerous earnest conversations about the name of this baby.

“What are we going to name Sixtus?” she frets. “I want a name no one else has. Like Gemma’s. So people will say, ‘Wow! I want to name MY baby that name!’ ”

“Well,” I say, “Do you have any ideas?”

“Hmmm. . . NOT Francis for a boy. Just not. And I don’t know about a girl.” She shrugs and shifts her weight from foot to foot. “Maybe Mary?” she shrugs again. “I’d be okay with Mary.”

Obviously she’s a study in contrasts, that kid. To a certain extent we agree, though, in as much as we like a unique name. One with some heft and some staying power. Maybe something traditional, obviously Catholic and inspiring of greatness.

It’s a big order to fill and I find myself feeling a little stressed at times. Ellie, too, evidently.

And so, we open it up to you! Because who doesn’t like a decision by committee?  Or at least an extra opinion or two (or 20! Tell your friends!).

Ta daaaa!!!  Daniel Baby Name Poll numero 6.