It’s not much these days, what I know.  Or, more accurately, what I know isn’t worth a whole heck of a lot.  But on days that feel as slippery as ice and when clarity seems elusive, it’s good to remember that I DO know some things with certantity.  For example:

– You don’t appreciate things until they’re gone.  Case in point, my dishwasher.  It’s dead.  Dead, dead, dead.  The sadness I feel is encompassing, not unlike a breakup but without the help of comforting songs.  However, I can’t help hearing Kenny Marks singing every time I stare at the sink full of dishes.

“The party’s over!
It was fun while it lasted,
but it ain’t no fun no more.”

– I have a two-year-old that looooves to help with the dishes.  I do not, however, have the patience to let said two-year-old help with the dishes.  But I let her anyway.


– Speaking of death and dying . . . The lap top is in it’s death throes and this makes blogging hard. I also regret every stinking time I’ve clicked the “Skip This Time” button when the photo program wants to back everything up. Dang.

– I’m good at starting books but not so good at finishing them. I currently have 3 books on my nightstand and 3 books going on Audible.  I should work on follow through . . .

– The kids all need to be called to the convent or the priesthood because I am crappy at handling other people’s relationship  progrssion (or lack thereof).  Just be detached, Susan says.

-I am weirdly ATTACHED so that makes detachment difficult.

– 9 things out of 10 that come into my mind, I shouldn’t say.  But I do. #nofilter #thinkbeforeyouspeak #iembarrassmyhusband

– All U.S. Olympic athletes should know the Star Spangled Banner.

– If you are a gold medal winner and sing the national anthem, I am a fan for life. I’m easily impressed.  I heart you, Meryl and Charlie!

– Comparrison is the theif of joy. So why do I invite the robber in EVERY SINGLE DAY?

– Gemma either has an undistiguishing palate OR she’s very thirsty.  Yesterday it was watercolor water sucked off the brush and dish water through a straw right out of the sink.  This makes me queasy just thinking about it.

– Our kids are terrible liars.  If you come over to play Fibber with them (thanks again, Jackie!), assume they are telling the truth unless they are laughing hysterically.  I pray this lack of skill remains throughout life.


– Having a Boy Scout in the house makes me feel both old and proud.


– Baby laughs are good for the soul.

image – It feels good to write again.