I love the lake.

Love, love, loooooove it.

But there is plenty there that drives me to drink. Stuff that is way uncool. However, even these things make the experience of Iron Creek all the richer.

It’s the Cross.

You can’t know the full joy of the Resurrection until you’ve born the weight of the Cross, the pain of that embrace, the heartache of grief.

So, in keeping with that theme, today you will find my least favorite things about the lake listed below. Tomorrow you’ll know my favorites. Do not lose hope!

#5 Least Favorite Thing at the Lake – Dirt


It’s not that I think it’s evil, there’s just so much of it. And my kids seem oblivious to it’s collection and contamination. And I don’t even mind a healthy sprinkling or coating. It’s when I find myslef saying, “How’d THAT get THERE?!” or when I’m unable to remove said dirt with commercial cleaning agents.

#4 – Mosquitos


The mosquitos are bad enough but I also really dislike bug spray. The feeling of it and the smell that never goes away – SHUDDER! This year, the bugs were particularly bad and Philip was nearly eaten alive. West Nile Virus, anyone?

#3 – Sunburns

I hate these sooooo much I don’t even have an image. I got some doozies this year. I can hear you all asking about sunscreen and I promise I am smart enough to wear it. . . when I remember. It’s not that I want melanoma, but things start to happen and before you know it, the SPF and hats are forgotten and then I’m lying in bed late at night unable to sleep for the pain. At any rate, the nose peels, I’m red as a tomato and it’s generally not pretty.

Moving on . . .

#2 – The Outhouse


You are soooo lucky you can’t smell this thing, let me tell you.

I’m not a pansy about it and I’m not afraid. On the contrary, it’s an institution up there. A right of passage, if you will.

I just don’t like it.

#1 – Saying Good-bye


Hands down, worst part. There’s always tears and now that the kids are old enough, it often involves one or more of them, too. Missing things before you even leave – it’s rough. I can’t wait to return.