“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.”

– St. Julian of Norwich

This has been going through my head  non-stop as of late.  This is for two reasons.  The first is that Philip has employed it as his smoke and mirrors of choice in an attempt to evade any responsibility for ANYTHING.  The second reason St. Julian repeats in my mind is because of Philip, all is decidedly NOT well.  Ironic, isn’t it?

For some time now, Philip has amped up his shirking attitude.  Not only is the misbehaving not him (though I watch him pull his sisters hair/put laundry in the wrong hamper/ride into the street etc., etc.), he has excuses for what he DOESN’T do as well.

And the reason always begin like this:


I tell you, it is starting to wear on me.

I don’t know if it would be quite so bad, except it is his answer to everything and everyone.  If Ellie cries when he is attempting to get her to do something, nothing has to be said to him, he sets in with “Weh-elll, I just wanted you to sit here!”

Keep in mind, it is said in the whiniest of tones.


Then I hear it.

“All will be well, and all will be well and all manner of things will be well.”

“I know.” I mutter as I roll my eyes.

But, in a way only He can do, it comes to my attention that this phrase was not proclaimed by St. Julian but to her by God.

Who else would be so cheeky as to remind me with such irony that this too shall pass?

All will be well.

(However, I’m still praying for the day when it won’t be.)