So, when I’m away from here, I’m never quite sure how to catch up. Especially after a week like last week.

Mama Syd and Allie arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, bringing with them all the fun and excitement a California visit always entails. They hit the ground running and we didn’t slow down for the entire 8 days.

There was the usual stuff: birthday shopping for the last birthday kiddo, laundry, hand-me-down switching, hair cuts, shoe shopping, visit with Connie, and school check ups. Because Allie came, we did the walk of Presidents, Armadillos, and Mt. Rushmore. Then there was St. Patrick’s day with the Brown’s, Sunday Mass, St. Joseph’s feast, bike rides, Friday Mass, soup supper, stations, a political rally, a doctors appointment, a cardboard playhouse and my first Pack meeting as Cubmaster. Oh, and the sewer backed up in the laundry room and downstairs bathroom.

It. Was. A. Week.

But what a week it was!

Thanks, Allie and Mama Syd for all you did – the diapers changed, the cleaning done, the laughs and adventures shared. We miss you already!