It’s been a while, I know.

Mama Syd has been here and there has been the culling of the hand-me-downs (you should see the living room!  Oh. My.), an adventure or two, a new math program and more.  Good stuff, I assure you.

However, it’s left little time for record keeping or deep thinking or even picture taking.

Living in the moment, people.  Living in the moment.

The moments that we’ve lived, though, have been grand.

– Sabine got her driver’s license.  Hurray!  Now a car . . .

– Pack Meeting = Stress EXCEPT for this month.  Rousing success AND we earned the conservation belt loop together.  High Five!

– The Habamus Papum party to cap off Pastoral Ministry Days.  I didn’t want to go (fatigue+social anxiety+cold weather) but had a great time thanks to good company and good food.

– Lunch out with Jac.  Breakfasts and mid-day meals just the two of us are such treat.  We tried for Tally’s but ended up at Dakota Thyme (after we had searched the entire car for loose change for the meter.  Honestly, we had $0.17 in pennies which was less than helpful). The California Club at Dakota?  Worth every step up and down from the third floor of the parking garage. Plus, paper straws for your free iced tea?  C’mon.

– We have been loving the KidHistory videos on YouTube which has turned into repeated requests for stories of when we were growing up.  Jac’s fire stories are the favorites by far but tales of Uncle Billy and poo are winners, too.

– All three dudes got haircuts by moi.  Philip’s involved the scissors.  We all survived and are looking not too shabby.

– The kids like stroganoff.  This is HUGE. If I had a bell, I’d ring it for this.  Hold onto your seat Jac ’cause it’s going on the menu, you’dbetterbelieveit.

– Snow.  Twice.  Enough to sled in and eat in sno-cones.  The kids were stoked.  Now spring can come!

– Just one week of Lent left.  Let’s do this!