I’ve wanted to write, really I have.

Each night after the kids are in bed (because Lord knows it takes a while for sleep to come), I open up the computer with the best of intentions. I try not to get sidetracked by other blogs or websites (though this and this make it difficult. . .) and attempt to get something, anything written.

But my brain turns foggy and my reaction time is slow and my lids get heavy. Sticky, delicious and blessedly heavy. I feel to the very bottom of my toes a bone weariness. It laps at my toes and before I know quite how it happened, I am in over my head in the space of half awake, half asleep, straight-up exhaustion.

Please bear with me.

Know that we are having a great trip. Know that I am writing in my head and taking lots of pictures. Know that I am oh, so, tired.

Know that I am, as of this moment, off to bed.