Many appologies for the change in pattern around here.  Jac is out of town for 11 days. 

ELEVEN DAYS!! (Everytime I say it, I break out in a rash. I feel an asthma attack coming on as I type . . . )

As you might imagine, things are a little “off” on the homefront.  We’re surviving, mind you, but our “normal” has been askewed.

We don’t know where the camera is so we’ve had no photos since Jac left.  And – the biggest thing! -he took the lap-top with him so I’m on his work computer.  It is not unlike taking a kiddo who can only ride a bike with training wheels and putting him on a Harley for a cross-country ride.  I have no idea what I’m doing on here!! 

Anyway, that’s the story from the SD Daniels.  That and Tess’s fits, Ellie’s teething and Philip getting injured.  But those are for another time, another day.

For now, I need to get back to surviving.  Pray for me, kay?