It’s time for another thrilling round of WHAT’S IN THE WASH!!!

The suspense! The wonder! The excitement!

Philip’s latest collection involves what being left in his pockets?
A. Rocks
B. gum
C. Feathers

If you chose A, pat yourself on the back! Yesterday, it was 3 FULL pockets of little tiny sharp rocks. Luckily I found them before they went into the wash. Unluckily, it was by complete accident and they spilled ALL OVER our wood floors in our bedroom. You can imagine how much my bare feet like those surprises!

Which eating utensil was found in the dirty clothes?
A. A spoon
B. A knife
C. A skewer

That’s right, a stick a la “Chicken on a Stick” with bits of chicken still attached. I do not kid.

I nearly washed what electronic device?
A. My phone
B. Max’s camera
C. The iPod

Any of these would have been tragic but thankfully the close call was only Max’s camera which was tied to his jeans with red yarn and then shoved into his pocket. There was much grumbling on my part when I tried to get it free. I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off so the whole while it was beeping and showing me grainy images of my laundry pile. How nice.

What 2 items are found in every load of laundry?
A. Candy wrappers and coins
B. Bobby pins and Legos
C. Candy wrappers and Legos

I take some of the blame for this one. . . Really, it is no surprise that the kids pocket things since I do. Without fail, I always find at least one bobby pin and one Lego in the wash. Usually it is more. How I wish it was money, though!

And now, for the bonus round. . .

Is there detergent in the wash?

If Max started the load, it is doubtful. I’ve been so thankful that I don’t HAVE to make a trip down and then UP the stairs that I don’t double check his work. And though I’ve explained to him which compartment the soap goes in and how much, I’ve not shown him. I’m pretty sure it’s not being done right. At any rate, the washer and dryer are usually humming so I’m trying to figure out how much to care.

What item is missing from the wash these days?

A. Ellie’s chonies
B. Socks for Philip
C. Socks for the girls

You better believe we have an abundance of Ellie chonies, that fickle, fickle girl. And Philip? Well, he’s taken to wearing not just two pairs of socks but two of just about everything AND PUTTING IT ALL IN THE WASH, God bless him. Meanwhile, the girls socks have vaporized. I have searched every possible spot and they are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, it’s annoying when we want to leave the house, but really I’m just inclined to be thankful for one less thing to wash and fold!

That’s it for today! Join us again soon for another round of WHAT’S IN THE WASH!