Our world seems turned upside down at the moment.

We had a whirl-wind week with Mama Syd and so very many activities. We even tossed in some oral surgery for fun. Then, she was gone – Mama Syd is winging her way back to California and Papa Chris as I write. It’s always hard to find our footing after a visit and this time the vacuum seems larger. Wider.  It makes me dread tomorrow morning and the reality it will bring.

And tonight is Twelfth Night.  Epiphany. We had planned a party with Wassail and traditions but settled for Chinese food for our recognition of the 3 Kings and their trek from the Orient. I had planned on it being the last day of Christmas and yet the Church celebrates for yet another week.  I don’t have the energy (or will) to pack up the trappings but I am anxious to pare down again.  I don’t want to cut things short but I’m ready to move on.  At least I think I am . . .

So here we are, upside down and unsure what happens next. Bleh.

Hurrah! Hurrah for January! Hurrah for Mondays!