At the end of each day, we take a moment to examine our conscience.  To look at “what I’ve done and what I’ve failed to do.” 

I’m doing that for my week.

So.  This week I:

1. Broke 4 bowls and 3 goblets ALL AT ONCE.  A shelf gave way in the kitchen with disastrous results.

2. Did not cry when the dishes broke right as I was serving lunch and glass and pottery went everywhere.

3. Rearranged the kitchen so that crashing dishes would never happen again.

4. Purged and cleaned in the kitchen in the process.

5. Slept in a bed Ellie peed in.  3 nights in a row.

6. Turned my comforter around so that the poop that was on it would be hidden.

7. Rescued a kid from poop in their chonies. (Key word – chonies.  Not diaper)  Twice.

8. Endured 4 sick kids over 5 days.

9. Made 6 (6!!!!) pies.

10. Threw 2 birthday celebrations.

11. Slept past 9 5 out of 7 days.

12. Attended Mass by myself.

13. Rescued Max’s shoes from Monday.

14. Failed to rescue Tess’s shoes, my sewing project, or the dish rag from Monday.

15. Fed my family after 7pm 2 nights in a row.

16. Ran a game that gave Philip a black eye.

What have you done this week?