At the moment, at the tail end of a few days away from The Lake, the kids are on electronic saturation.  The requests for Wii, the ipad, my phone and the amount of time fighting over playing with the Leap Pads are driving me stark, raving mad. Combing through the CA pics tonight I found this one and was found consolation.

Okay, so maybe promising them Slurpees when we got to Reno wasn’t the best of ideas.  Reno? It wasn’t a bribe, it was just that each time they asked it was poorly timed – dinner, middle of the night, etc – and on I80 one needs to have a high-point somewhere. We couldn’t object to them come breakfast in Reno so we endured 4 hours of sugar-fueled excitement on the final leg of our trip.


But really?  Aside from Gemma’s occasional fits (which, in all honesty, were my fault as I didn’t pack a single toy for her.  Whoops.) there was nothing to complain about during the trip.  Okay, so they have this knack for needing food/help/attention when it’s my turn to sleep, but that’s a small annoyance.  They are incredible travelers, the lot of them.  I think the amount of  mess they make may be directly correlated to their complacency. . .

Anyway – and here’s where I’m gonna brag – we made the whole trip (and every one we’ve done) without the aid of a dvd player or handheld games.  That’s right, 5 kids, 1,200 miles, 25 hours and nothing but books and Audible and each other to entertain us.

Booyah, baby.

We all deserve a medal for it I think.  And maybe just five more minutes of screen time.