I find myself, minutes away from another Monday, staring terror stricken and sweaty-browed at another oncoming week.

I’m fine. It’s gonna be fine!

Where’s a paper sack to pant into when you need one?

Anyway, here I am sifting back through the weekend for the things that made us laugh. It’s those things that make me think I can endure another long week filled to bursting with bickering siblings, strong-willed toddlers, and the impending Girl’s Room Clean-out 2016.

The choicest gem of child utterances for the week goes to Ellie who imperiously huffed at Gemma this morning, “Ugh! This is unnecessary work! Cut me some slack!” Because, you know, she works soooo hard all the other days. (No. No, she does not. She actually covered the living room floor with the contents of her school drawer on Friday and then cried when I told her to pick it up after 4 hours. The reason for tears? “It’s too hard!”) I find it hilarious that she managed to be holier than thou AND lazy at the same time. That’s my girl! She gets that from me. And the “chore” Gemma asked of Ellie? Pouring her some milk for her cereal. 

I know. Life is so hard.

Cheers to a new week! Here’s hoping it’s filled with hilarity and more than enough help to go around. Lord knows I need it!