When we told the lady at the candy shop that it was Tess’s birthday she asked which birthday it was.

“Ten?! Double digits! Wow! Well, that means you’re officially a tween!”

My heart leapt straight into my throat and the world pitched because while ten is a milestone, to hint around the edges of “teen”? Well, let’s take things one day at a time!

Tess planned and planned and planned out her day. She requested to make a skirt for herself and it kept getting put off so we stayed up late last night putting it together. 

It seemed like the proper kind of introduction to ten.

She requested crepes by Jac and lunch out with me. Tess, like all of our girls, is a lass of big feelings. Today, though the weather was stormy, she was nothing but sunshiny joy and grace.

We giggled over cat videos while we are our Sonic in the car. We switched seats and followed every distracted thought at Yo Yo Beeri. We conquered levels in Candy Crish and went to Zoom downtown just to “check things out,” and came away with glass bottled pop, a few little treats and a large bag of her favorite candy gifted by the generous and friendly store owner.

All that before the extravaganza. 

She is loved best by people and attention and the new and novel. We had 4 guests join us for her favorite food and they brought laughter and fun with them. Elizabeth brought a hat and a coupon book promising future fun. There was a singing card from Randy and more candy.

Jacques remembered she wanted popcorn for the movie she’s been talking about for a month so he brought some home. She was so excited to watch Open Season just so she could hear all of us laugh with her.

She’s growing up, yes, and often she wants to race ahead. “Only 5 more years until I’m 15! I can’t wait! I’ll be able to drive, it will be my golden birthday AND my quinceƱara!” Again with the lurching of my heart! 

“Isn’t it crazy that I was 8 once? I can’t even remember that. Or when I was 4.” I think it hit her then, this getting older business. But then she started laughing over something I said and she couldn’t stop and their was shreiking about peeing in pants and 10 seemed absolutely perfect, tween and all.