Penny and I took a little trip.

No, it didn’t involve an ocean and we were on each leg of the trip no more than 2 hours. But the stress I felt about cooping that kid up in a big metal tube in the sky might as well have been from a transatlantic flight!

She did great, she really did. She also made it clear when she had had enough and that was round about the time we actually set foot in CA.

Good times!

Anyway, I’ve been feeling her pain this week.  So many emotions and not enough words to express them.  The purpose of the trip was to visit new babies and serve their moms.  It was a bonus that we could do all that AND see other friends, celebrate Mama Syd’s birthday, go to IKEA, have the quickest of visits with new and old pals, taste the sweetness of summer flavors found only in the Valley, stroll the farmers market, bust out the camera . . .

It was so, so good.  Soul filling good.  Makes me teary eyed thinking about it good.

Totally worth a toddler on a plane and that’s saying something!