We do not stand for tantrums in our house.  Well, that’s not true.  We’re not huge fans?  But if you’re going to have one, you need to do it up right and go all out.  We cheer you on and give pointers.  We encourage excellence here.

However, when you’re working on your tantrum, we’d rather not have to see it or hear it full force.  This usually means you get to have your fit in the comfort of your own room.  But sometimes you don’t like it there and you want to show off your skills.  I don’t blame you for wanting to demonstrate how good you have become, but no one like a braggart.  So sometimes you get locked in your room.

Yesterday, was Tess’s turn.

She cranked up the tears and the volume and was falling apart full force.  She tried all of her old stand-bys – “I have to go PO-O-O-TTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”  “GET! ME! OUT!!!!!!!”   etc., etc.  It really was exciting and thrilling to hear her.

Meanwhile, Ellie was attempting to sleep.  The poor babe is so worn out by the pain and misery of her teeth that she has been falling asleep at the table, mid scowl.

It was understood by all in the house that Ellie’s sleep took precedence over everything.

So, as Tess flipped out, the boys and I attempted to go about our business as usual.  It sure was hard, though, when Philip announced, “Wow!  Tess is doing a good job . . .

“I hope she wakes her sister up and gets a beating.

Just when I was waxing poetic about my children loving each other . . .