It doesn’t matter that Philip was a whiney, crying mess for most of the day.

Or that Max was recovering from the puking sickness.

Or that Ellie, who was naked ALLDAYLONG and did so great with the potty training, pooped in her chonies the minute we put them on.

It doesn’t matter that I have a new found abhorrence of Wells Fargo and money in general.

Or that today means that only 2 days remain to get the house (and kids. And my cooking.) in shape before the seminarians and the Bishop come for photos and dinner.

It doesn’t matter.

Do you know why?  Today I completed five loads of laundry and hung them out on the line to dry.  It’s the first time this summer it has been in use.  I just haven’t felt up it, but would eye the lines longingly each time I hauled a load of wash down to the machine.  I knew I’d feel good about it if I could just get to feeling good again.

That day was today.  Jacques pulled the lines taut for me and with a happy heart I took an easy load out into the morning heat.  The bedding was heavy and the wind stiff so there was a bit of a struggle for a moment.  But then I remembered.  I remembered where to stand and how to move and just how good a breeze through wet laundry can feel on a scorching hot day.  My soul took a deep, cleansing breath.  THIS was what I had been needing!  A chance to dip into the quiet, to listen to the neighborhood and the locusts, to leave the house – even just by a few yards! – and re-group. It didn’t matter what else happened or didn’t happen during the day, I could look out and see the wash flapping away and feel content and calm.

By the time supper was over, I felt like the wet washcloths I had clipped on the line.  That thought made me remember that I had a load to come in and thunder was threatening.  I snatched my basket and ran out to the yard, leaving behind bickering kids, poo in pants and lots and lots of worry.  And there in the heat, the heavy air and wind, I experienced the glorious sensation of rain beginning to fall on me and the fresh laundry.  I battled against the urge to just let the rain come and letting the load be wasted so that I could soak in the drops just like my towels.  Instead, I breathed deep again, recording the feeling for later and headed back in to finish the day.

That was today.