Today I learned:

-The paint on our walls is very forgiving towards dry-erase markers.  The paint on the doors?  Not so much.

-I will gag when forced to use a plunger but only if the murky (gag!) water is splashing over the rim and the t.p. and other unmentionables are listlessly floating about. *shudder!*

-Gemma LOVES toilet paper. (See above)

-Gemma has taken to taking care of “business” on the toilet all by herself.  (See above) “No I dude it,” and “No, I dot it,” are frequently heard if you try to assist her.  However, she doesn’t usually let anyone know until after the fact.

-I have A LOT of gray hair.  I blame Gemma. (See above.  AGAIN.)

-“Exampling” is a great verb.  It should be in constant use.  It’s used like this, “No, Mama, I wasn’t really yelling at Ellie, I was just exampling how I shouldn’t  talk to her.” Perfect.

-The girls have seen Frozen once and yet have most of it memorized.  I’m setting the bar too low for scripture memorization.

-It’s a tough crowd around here.  I tried a new recipe tonight and assumed it was safe what with the inclusion of crescent rolls, chicken, and cheddar cheese.  Jac’s response, as the kids attempted NOT to gag at the mere sight of the dish, was “What’s in here?  Is this already chewed chicken?” Thanks, love.

-I should have the kids plunge the toilet more often so they can be exampled on what is appropriate gagging material. (See above. )

-Armadillos makes everything better.