– is the first day of Operation Return to Schedule in the hopes that sleep at the right time will turn these little gremlins back into our children.

– I will drink enough water to float the Navy. Feeling parched.

– I did not venture forth from bed until 10:30. I assure you, I was awake looooooooong before that.

– I will not over do it. I repeat, I will NOT over do it.

– we attack the laundry before it attacks us. This is the kid’s job because see above.

– I can see my ankles for the first time since I don’t know when. Hello! I missed you!

– brings us one day closer to seeing Mama Syd and Papa Chris and saying goodbye to Chelsey. I don’t know if I should rejoice or weep. . .

– is Sabine’s birthday. Hope it’s a great one! Man, I loved being seventeen. . .

– is the day I share our Christmas with you. It went something like this: wake up, stockings, breakfast, clean up, PRESENTS!!!!!!, mom goes back to bed, Jac takes kids to grandma and grandpas while mom sleeps, more sleeping, grandma and grandpa come over, Fr. Tyler comes over, talk to Mama Syd, to bed way late, stay up all night with Gemma a.k.a. Night Owl.

– is the third day of Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours!