The first half of this year has been . . . hard. As in knots-in-stomach-sleepless-nights-utterly-speechless kind of hard.

And yet God remains.

Just when we think we can’t possibly hold more, plug another hole, hurt any worse, he has been there with more.  More things, more holes, more hurt right along with generous doses of consolation and joy and help.  He has sent respite in the form of peaceful masses, quiet nights in and surprise nights out. We have been buoyed along by unexpected visitors, late night chats and open doors (and pools!).  We went to California, for heaven’s sake and if you try to tell me that it hadn’t been worked out to fall precisely when it did, I won’t believe you.  I won’t.

Then there are the kids.  They are God’s greatest gift a midst – and because – of the chaos.  They have been patient, oh-so-very patient, and sometimes distracting in the best possible ways.  They have sacrificed a good many things and minutes and hours and have continued to love, showing us what God means by ‘unconditional.’ And sometimes?  Well, sometimes they are simply willing instruments in God’s plan.

The week before we left, Philip began singing long stretches of OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass.”  He begged repeatedly (at usually the most inconvenient times) to watch the videos for the song.

Yes, VIDEOS with an ‘s.’

Maybe that’s why I like the band so . . . they spare no effort . . .

Anyway, finally, one day at lunch I queued the videos and we watched them over and over and I tried not to let them see me cry.  The chorus of this very secular song sang the truth the Lord was whispering all spring:

“You can’t keep letting it get you down! Let it go, this too shall pass!”

I have been humming it in the tight spots ever since because it is true.  I remember the agony of leaving our ministry at Cathedral and telling each other that in 3 months we wouldn’t feel the hurt.  And even now, the things that scalded or rubbed us raw in February and March are becoming hazy and losing their sting. So the fires of the moment? These too shall pass.

I’ve included the videos below.  The first is a Rube Goldberg machine that is absolutely incredible.  It’s the boys favorite and they can (and have) watched it over and over to soak up every last detail. The umbrellas and flags are my favorite parts.

And because I have a soft spot for marching bands(In spats! With a marching accordion!), this one is my fave. See if you can find the part that always scares the snot out of Ellie. She loves it.