Pancakes! Hot off the griddle with some salty butter and a generous helping of glorious syrup. Even better when they are heart shaped served in bed by a handsome young man as they were the other morning. Honestly? Best. Pancakes. EVER. Sooooo goooooood! I’m pretty sure this means I love my husband, too, for making amazing cakes and, well, being pretty amazing himself.



Hearing things like this in my kitchen:

Max: So, I finished Moby Dick.

Philip: (while making Mac ‘n’ Cheese on his own. . .) Really?!?! Was it goooood???

Max: REALLY good!

Philip: Do you ever learn how he lost his leg?

Max: Yes. Yes, you do. Moby Dick bit it off. See, what happens is . . . [here followed a very long, very descriptive synopsis. The Mac ‘n’ Cheese got cold.]



The supremely incredible silence that pervades the house after a visit to the library. They barely get in the door and they hoard their books and hunker down to soak in the printed pages. In a house that is normally buzzing with noise, the quiet is a cool, blissful blessing. What’s not to love about that?



When the next door neighbor delivers doughnuts TO OUR DOOR. Technically she’s not our neighbor, but she comes to take car of her dad every day like clockwork. The kids love her and I’m pretty sure she loves them, too. She works next to a doughnut shop and winds up with the most incredible confections. God bless her and those white boxes.


That Max has decided he loves cucumbers which means Ellie does, too, and Philip and Tess will eat them as well. Paired with the Wittes’ abundant cuke crop? Easy supper decision made. Not having to fight over veggies and knowing a slice won’t be left over brings an incredible joy. It’s the little things, right?