Things are starting to fall apart.

I mean, we did so well with the boys.  We were on top of Bible stories and prayers and we just kept on plugging ahead and the girls have gotten lost in the wake.

Case in point:

Ellie’s creation story – “Iilt a  think God made man and then those two built a 3D printer and just made everything else.”

Whaaaaaa. . . ?

And tonight, during a deep, multi-layered, detailed discussion about particular judgement, final judgement, heaven, hell, purgatory (etc., etc.), Tess says, “So, you don’t have to just be beautiful to go to heaven.”

If only I could figure out where we started to go wrong, I would begin to unpick the stitches there.  Instead, Jac and I are left with eye brows raised and scratching our heads wondering how in the world we got here and what will happen next.