The feast of the Holy Family dawned bright and beautiful.  We celebrated Mass at St. Joseph’s, heard a wonderful homily and checked out their new stained glass windows.  Then, back to the Wyeth’s for a delicious brunch with the fam and the Boyd’s.  

Later, it was off to visit another new family.  Mom and I had a lovely time at the Conway house-meeting Fergie (the gorgeous greyhound.  Not even kidding – I am coveting that canine.), chatting with Trish and Greg and OF COURSE, snuggling a be-a-utiful Gwyneth.


She’s absolutely perfect and eerything a baby should be – warm and pink and sweet smelling.  Makes me all the more anxious for our impending arrival!

This visit was exceedingly sweet because it felt so full circle.  Mama Conway and I have been friends since we were infants ourselves and were the closest of pals through highschool.  Then, as is often the case, life happened.  I moved and we both fell in loe with our future husbands.  Things got busy and we lost touch. That is, until this spring.  It was good to catch up with one another and to be expecting and a new mom all at once.

img_1557Very good indeed.