We are living like Gypsies. Don't laugh.

We are still in California.

It’s been a month.

Surprisingly, all of us are all still speaking and smiling – most of the time.

As of right now:

– Ellie is the least pleasant person to be around. Not sure what her deal is and I’m hoping it’s teeth.  The stomping and screaming and “No!” is getting old and that’s just from me . . .

– The California sun is getting to Philip- he’s sprouted since our arrival and now a good 3 inches of leg is hanging out of the bottom of his Ninja suit.  I’m beginning to wonder how tight the suit must get between his shoulders and crotch before he deems it unwearable. . .

– We are waiting with bated breath for Uncle Billy’s arrival!  Hoo-Ray!

– Tess has taken to accesorrizing with purple bags UNDER HER EYES. She is having such a hard time sleeping and we are clueless about how to remedy this.

– The weekend included a hospital trip and extended stay. EXCITING! Before panic sets in, it was not any of the Daniel Clan, but Nana Joyce that was there.  There was a good deal of praying and visiting and not so much sleep.

– My husband is pretty wonderful.  Have I mentioned that yet?

– I am anxious to get to MY home.  All of my New Year ‘get-things-done’ energy is bouncing and boiling around and I’m afraid it’s going to leak out before it gets used at my house.  I’ve rearranged and cleaned out shelves for Mama Syd and Nana Joyce and Aunt Cristie.  I’m not sure that all of it has been appreciated. . .

– We are heading to see ‘Foggy’ again because we’ve been here so long the girls are in need of a trim on their bangs. Yikes.

– We are learning that less is good.  Our week’s worth of clothes have been winnowed to 3 outfits in rotation.  And we are surviving just fine.

– I am storing up this time for the long stretches when we won’t be together. Makes me thankful for right now, no doubt about it.

If you spend the rest of your day singing the never ending song because of my post title, you’re welcome.