Things have been so chaotic, cameras have been used and forgotten, switched and left behind.  This is the case for this day – my camera was left at home and Cindy took photos.  Therefore, photos will be added later.

Anyway, on the 27th we had another nice – though brief! – visit with Nana Joyce and Papa Bill (her new camera – a Christmas gift – was one of the forgotten ones at Mama Syd’s house.  They came to town to retrieve it.).  Tess ate her weight in oranges.  Philip and Aunt Cristie made chocolate chip cookies.

In the afternoon, Chelsey, Allie and I shopped and then cooked a meal for their youth pastor and family – a new baby was in the house!  We made four pans of enchiladas – not all for one family but for us, the Wyeth’s and the Conways – and made aholy mess of Cindy’s fabulous new kitchen.  Cindy and Ike joined in on the festivities (it was  a little bit of work) and then we were off to deliver the food and get lost in Ripon.

Upon our return to the Wyeth’s, we once again dined together and then stayed after for a rousing game of Nerts!  I got to use my new New York City cards (a souvenir brought back by Jac from his big trip.  I carry them in my purse for those spontaneous Nert games.  Grandma Crawford would be so proud!) and a few of my “big” words.  We even got Ivan to join in the fun.

After that excitement we returned to Davis St. and a showing of Mama Mia!  Scandal to share and enough ABBA to last me for weeks, even months.  Dad complained heartilly throughout the movie but I think he secretly liked it.  Especially Pierce Brosnan singing.