The Eagle Scout Ceremony!!!

It was finally here!!

(Thank goodness.)

It was a big deal.  Four of the scouts were recieving their Eagle at the same time.  Three of them had been together since preschool with my mom and had been scouting together since Tiger Cubs.  In addition, this marked the retirement of Troop 48 and the retirement of my dad as Scoutmaster.  Kleenex, anyone?

We woke up very eraly so that we could go decorate the firehouse, finish work on the slide show (kudos to Jac on this) and prep food with Dave.  Then there was the snafu with the printing of the programs that had to be done at the house with the printer.  Thankfully Chelsey and Allie arrived to wrangle kids and Chels took over manning the printing process.  Ah . . . procrastination.  How I love thee!

In the end, all was accomplished, a crowd turned out, the tri-tip was AMAZING and the Court of Honor was had.


There were quite a number of guests present who were Eagles who took the Eagle charge with the new guys.


The “Scoutmaster’s Scoutmaster.”


We took the kids home for a much needed nap – for them and us.  In the evening we went back to the Wyeth’s for a final supper and then sent Uncle Billy off and got to work packing.  Our trip had come to an end!