I promised several days worth of Valentine’s goodness.  Alas, I’ve been laid up with contractions and fatigue.  Boo.  Today I got up early for a little “socialization” of my own and came back feeling rather refreshed.  As a result, I have the aforementioned feast day fun shots.  Enjoy!


Martha strikes again!!  Ms. Stewart had this idea to hang strands of wax paper/crayon shaving hearts in the window.  Didn’t know how it’d go over with the kiddos, but they really enjoyed peeling crayons (we have LOADS.  A huge rubbermaid tub worth.) and then sharpening them and collecting the shavings.  We plugged in the iron down low, showed them how to lay out the paper, spread the shavings and then iron it all out.  By themselves.  SUCH a big deal, let me tell you!  Tess was most impressed I think.  And I also think the hearts turned out lovely.


More scissor work.  This time Philip even did a few of the “boingies.”  He’s gettin’ good.  This is the view you’d have if you were lying on the table, looking up.  Which would never happen around here, I assure you.


Paint on the window – this time with dish soap added in as it was a little tricky to remove last time.  Tess and I also made duck tape hearts which the boys enjoyed  putting up.  It was a little tough to convince them to paint all around the hearts and not just on them or by them.


Felt hearts for counting ended up making a nice centerpiece.  Philip is learning to recognize his numbers and these little softies are helping him solidify the concept.  Except, now he thinks they belong totally to him alone and kind of freaks out when any of his siblings goes near them.  But that’s a whole other story!