Lucy is in the Sing All the Time stage and it’s fantastic.  Do I wish she had more depth to her repetoire or that the refrains she repeats over and over and over weren’t so dang catchy? Yes, yes I do.  I don’t know anyone who wants to wake up in the middle of the night with Gaston lyrics on loop in their head or finding themselves humming You’re Welcome from Moana in response to the grocery checker. However, I can’t fault the girl for knowing what she likes and sticking with it.

When I came home from CA, I had my suitcase stuffed to the gils with DVDs and CDs from Mama Syd’s classroom. I do not exaggerate-I came in just 2 lbs shy of my weight limit.  Anyway, among the collection was Lilo and Stitch and the accompanying sound track.  The girls tested out the soundtrack and it received a tepid response.  Then we watched the movie (yes, it was the first time for them. #sheltered) and the soundtrack shot to the top of their charts.

It is abundantly clear that Elvis is in the building.

I was slightly startled tonight when, as we prepped Penny for bed together, Ellie was crooning Stuck on You.  Because those lyrics?

Hide in the kitchen, hide in the hall
I am not going to do you no good at all
Because once I catch you and the kissing starts
A team of wild horses couldn’t tear us apart

Uhhhh. . . this makes me uncomfortable for many reasons and I’m pretty sure the girl he’s singing to has grounds for a restraining order.  Just saying . . .

Anyway, The King is now a part of Lucy’s range. And our favorite? It goes a little something like this:

with feeling “I gotta hunka, hunka BURN THE CLOTHES! I gotta hunka, hunka, BURN THE CLOTHES!”

Seriously. Who doesn’t want their three-year-old sounding like she’s tampering with evidence? Obviously it should be sung at the top of her lungs while jumping on the tramp or as she trots to the car after Mass. Plus, it’s the song that we all are singing at the moment so that’s fun, too.  I’m rather ready to hear that Elvis has left the building.