Good: Jacques caught a snake before it came into the basement.

Bad: There was a snake. Making it’s way into the house.

Ugly: Jac decided it was best to kill the persistent and cranky little bugger. There is now dried snake blood on the driveway. Yuck.

Good: When Jac surprises me by bringing home lunch. Even better when it is my favorite salad in the world, Wendy’s Apple Pecan. Seriously, sooo good. The greens, the crisp apples, sweet cranberries. . .! Heeeeeeaaaaaveeeeeen! And truly, truly sublime when I can eat it alone and at my leisure while kids are outside.

Bad: When the said best salad shows up with huge chunks of Bleu Cheese. Gorgeous, aromatic, taunting Bleu Cheese. I have to restrain myself from popping them in my mouth as I remove them from my lunch.

Ugly: There is a reason Bleu Cheese can be described as ‘crumbled.’ Despite my best efforts and very messy fingers, there is still a good deal of cheese in the salad. I figure I gave it my best shot and eat it anyway. I will pay for that later, I’m sure.

Good: The Pomegranate vinaigrette they serve with the World’s Best Salad (see above). Perfection is what it is. And so very nice of them to give you two packets!

Bad: When one of the two dressing packets for the World’s Best Salad turns out to be Original Ranch.

Ugly: Realizing that the dressing you are using is not the Perfect Vinagrette only after you put it on the World’s Greatest Salad. I almost wept.

(There will be no further mention of said salad. But I dare you to try it!)

Good: Gemma has decided she likes a nice quiet room where she can lie down for sleeping.

Bad: quiet is in short supply in this house.

Ugly: There isn’t enough baby sleeping going on around here. It makes Gemma and I both just a leeeettle cranky.

Good: To know that Max’s sudden clingyness is normal third grade behavior.

Bad: I feel, in the words of my father-in-law, like I have a pork chop on my butt.

Ugly: He follows me EVERYWHERE. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Good: Ellie’s birthday is in less than a week! (She is so very excited. Three!)

Bad: Ellie’s birthday is in less than a week. (Didn’t we just do a birthday?)

Ugly: Ellie’s birthday is in less than a week!!! (Give me a break!)

Happy Thursday!