img_1941Being an important business man and all, Jacques had some appointments to keep while in CA.  One of them being a visit to the vocations director for the Diocese of Oakland.  

Jac and I made the trip to the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland – a brand new Cathedral in downtown and very modern.  Set on the banks of a natural lake in the middle of the city, it is gorgeous.  We were rather doubtful about what a modern structure like this could do for reverance and what not, but as we walked into the main church (having come up in an elevator from a parking garage and being deposited direclty in front of the baptismal font), I was literally awestruck.

img_1942The images don’t do the stunning nature of the light and height any justice.  

Jac and I enjoyed a quick stroll through the church and side chapels and then scouted out the Cathedral Cafe for a delicious lunch (there’s a chef for the cafe!) overlooking the lake.  Then Jac was off to the meeting and I was left to pass the time by myself.

When he and Fr. De Anjou were done, Fr. gave us a tour of the church and mausoleum (rivaled the beauty of the church in my opinion.  Alabaster walls lit from behind – enough said.).  

I came away from the day with a totally changed opinion of Oakland!