photo (11)The family finds in the plan of God the Creator and Redeemer not only its identity, what it is, but also its mission, what it can and should do. The role that God calls the family to perform in history derives from what the family is; its role represents the dynamic and existential development of what it is. Each family finds within itself a summons that cannot be ignored, and that specifies both its dignity and its responsibility: family, become what you are.
-Familiaris Consortio #17

Who can deny that our age is one marked by a great crisis, which appears above all as a profound “crisis of truth”? A crisis of truth means, in the first place, a crisis of concepts. Do the words “love”, “freedom”, “sincere gift”, and even “person” and “rights of the person”, really convey their essential meaning? This is why the Encyclical on the “splendour of truth” (Veritatis Splendor) has proved so meaningful and important for the Church and for the world—especially in the West. Only if the truth about freedom and the communion of persons in marriage and in the family can regain its splendour, will the building of the civilization of love truly begin and will it then be possible to speak concretely—as the Council did—about “promoting the dignity of marriage and the family”.
-Letter to Families #13

When building a domestic church one needs all the help they can get. Listed below are some of our favorite (and our wise friend’s) tools for getting the job done.

For examples of how we live out the faith in this crazy chaotic home you can search under the category Domestic Church or within the other archives. We will also be posting regularly and updating as life moves on.

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Church Documents to Read/Study

Familiaris Consortio
Letter to Families
Gravissimum Educationis (Declaration on Christian Education)


Inspiring Spots on the Interwebs

Catholic Culture (Liturgical Section)
They provide recipies for traditional foods, traditional cultural celebrations and practical ways to plug these traditions into modern life.

Catholic Icing
Catholic Icing has fun, family centered activities and crafts for teaching the faith and celebrating the Liturgical year in your home.

 The Pius Sodality of Church Ladies
Beautiful artwork and traditional Catholic practices. Lots of meatless recipes!

Ask Sister Mary Martha
If you are just in need of a good Catholic laugh this is your place.

Catholic articles and news.

Familia Catolica
A beautiful spanish blog with amazing ideas… written in spanish. That you Google translate.

Pinterest board on Catholic Culture
My Pinterest board with pins on living the Catholic faith in the home


Bible’s and Bible Studies:

Great Adventure Kid’s and T3 Teen Timeline(Ascension Press)
Illustrated Children’s Bible
The Children’s Bible (Golden Press)



Baltimore Catechism Series
Faith and Life Series
St. Joseph Picture Books
Catholic Encyclopedia for Children – Our Sunday Visitor


Coloring Books:

Holy Imitation Series (Ignatius)
St. Joseph’s Coloring Books
Pauline Kids Books and Media



A Year with God: Celebrating the Liturgical Year (Little Way Press)
Holy Heroes – website that teaches through video/audio about the Liturgical Seasons.  Also offers Sunday readings preparation, coloring pages, and activities.
Magnificat books for children
Magnifikid weekly magazine
Handbook of Prayers, Student Edition (Midwest Theological Forum)
Stations of the Cross coloring pages



Magnificat Books
Holy Trader Cards
Encounter the Saints Series:  books for young readers / Pauline Books and Media
Vision Books Series: Saint Biographies
Mary Fabyan Windeatt:  Saint Biographies
Loyola Kids Book of Heroes and Book of Saints by Amy Welborn
St. Joseph’s Picture Books
CCC animated saint stories- DVD
Glory Stories – audio CD saint stories
Holy Heroes website


Kid Websites:

Holy Heroes

Trusted Publishers that provide solid Catholic Resources:

Ascension Press
Catholic Heritage Curriculum
Emmanuel Books
Ignatius Press
Seton Educational Media
Midwest Theological Forum


How to know if you’re winning at this domestic church business…


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