Boys.  Boys tend to say what they mean and mean what they say.  (Pay no attention to yesterday’s post on this matter. . . ) They don’t mince words or sugar coat things.  They come right out with whatever is running through their minds and they are unafraid of it offending/grossing out/hurting feelings.  Why would they be afraid of words?! That’s crazy talk! In fact, if they can go without words they will, pointing, grunting and shoving their way through the day.

Girls.  Girls say nice things.  Girls will say they like your hair even when they hate it.  The don’t want to offend/gross out/hurt anyones feelings. (That is, until they are 11.  But that’s an entirely different matter. . . )  Words can hurt and sting and therefore, must be chosen wisely.  If girls can make life sweeter or soften a blow with words, they will.

That is why my favorite song being sung in the house at the moment is by Tess.  It is so very, very girl.

“Happy Birthday to you! You live in a zoo!  And you kinda smell like one, too!”

Look like a monkey?  That’s not nice so it is dropped. And, you only KINDA smell like a zoo.  Just a little bit.  I can barely even notice!  Sometimes I want to smell a zoo and so I come and stand next to you!  No, really!  I like it!

It’s so hilarious to me. And sweet. And that is the difference.

*Please remind me of this if/when she develops an “acid tongue” (my mother’s phrase. I don’t know where she got it . . .). Also, the boys ALWAYS point out Tess’s mistake in singing this song.  “TESS!” they yell, utterly frustrated.  “That’s not how that goes!  I just told you that!” My valiant girl just ignores them and continues to sing her version with sincerity and sweetness.