Spring has arrived! Tess is planting plants, Lu learned to ride a pedal bike, Philip’s allergies are in full swing and poplar buds are sticking to everything.

It’s glorious!


This winter . . . it was a long one. A really, really looooooong one. So much bleak and gray and inside.  By February, folks were starting to get ansty.  March was white knuckles and gritted teeth.  But April? LORD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.

April usually brings green, budding branches and tulips.  April 2018 brought snow. And ice. And sleet and more snow. I kept reminding myself that the grass was turning the prettiest green underneath it all and we all anxiously awaited signs of hope and life.

Towards the end there we had a few sunny days and then the news came that a snow storm was expected.

“AGAIN?!” lamented the kids.

Max broke into song.

“My God, my God.  Why hast thou abandoned me?” It was just the levity we all needed.

Then there was this:

I’m so glad we all survived to see the change!