This morning during kid school, Tess asked me to read “Good Night Moon” to her.  By the last page she was limp with grief and wrung out sobbing.  She was heart broken, poor girl.  “I think the book maked her sad.”  Philip surmised.  She was passionate about turning back through the pages and telling us all about the reason for her tears.  We nodded and comforted but we’re still not sure what the tipping point was. (I will say, that book has never been at the top my list – it strikes me as depressing, too.)

So we followed that up with “Small Beauties” from the library.  I picked it out with Max in mind – he’s such a “treasure” finder.  But the story – about the O’Hara’s and the Irish Potato Famine – soon had me in tears.  I heardmy own mother in my voice as I struggled to choke out the words and my children looked worredly between me and the pages.  “Mama?  What?”  Tess said over and over.  It really is a beautiful story.  But for now we will stick with “Hop on Pop” – I can get through that one!