Soooooo . . .

Gemma turned 2 . . .

Embarrassing confession #1 – I have spent all year telling anyone who asked telling them that Gemma’s birthday was December 23rd.

Except she was born on the 22nd.

Embarrassing confession #2 – I was not excited  about this birthday.  AT ALL.  Not our Gemma turning another year older – because – and here’s where I’m cursing myself – how can she get any more terrible at 2? No, I just couldn’t do another party, another thing.

But we did.  We really, really did.

We argued with her siblings about what kind of party to have.  We researched gifts for two-year-olds.  We baked up a cake and decorated and did what we do.

And it was great.

For weeks, Gemma practiced what she expected for her big day.

“Happy Feast Day, to you! Demma bow cannles.  BOW! Aaaaan – Sip ’round room!  Sip ’round room! Yay Demma!”

Then,  when the time came and the lights were lowered, her eyes turned big and she froze. We prompted and coaxed and yet her fingers stayed in her mouth and she was timid. We drew pictures for her present treasure hunt and she took to it like an old pro.  Really, my favorite moments of the day were watching and hearing her siblings cheer and dote and celebrate her. They coached her through her first hunt with enthusiasm and joy and it was great.


As it was the holidays, we had a revolving set of guests- Grandpa, Elizabeth, Fr. Sparks, Grandma, Sabine and Elizabeth – all came and went for varying lengths of time with Randy being the lone partier who survived the marathon that it was. Thanks, Randy!


Gem celebrated like a big kid and went to bed that night tired and content. There’s not much more you can ask of a birthday, is there?