I’ve planned this month to cover snow and white and blue. It is January in South Dakota, after all.  Then this week, with it’s warm temps and tempting sun arrived and my plans seemed anachronistic and depressing.

Today we made snowflakes.

First were collages.


Then snowflakes made of Elmer’s glue and glitter.

It seemed like a good idea.


Then this pile was moved while I was trying to make dinner (the key word there is TRYING.  I was slightly distracted).   Moved by Max and Philip.  And it resulted in this:


And it seemed like a good idea at the time, to leave this pile while I saw to another mess in the kitchen made by Max and Tess.  But then . . .


Philip skated through the pile.  On purpose.  Then tracked glitter from here to kingdom come.

Somewhere, someone is laughing about this.  It’s not me.