bane: n. a source of harm or ruin


Spills on freshly mopped or swept floors.  And the potty seat – how I loathe to clean it. 


Laundry.  It’s never ending.  It makes me feel like Sisyphus


Folding and putting laundry away.  I said it was never ending.


Making these bunks.  The kids are working on straightening them every day, but the re-making them after the sheets have been washed every week (or after an accident which seems to happen the night after I remake the clean bed) . . . ugh.  It makes me want to cry.


The trash can/corner.  I think Jac missed the memo that this is his domain.  Changing the bags is difficult and as a result, not done often.  Which it should be.  And all cardboard that comes into the house (which is A LOT) gets stuffed back here.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t right by the table and the sliding glass door so that we trip over it.

Thought I’d get in some whining before Lent starts.  It’s not all that kosher to be feeling sorry for yourself during those 40 days.  It’s a time to buck up and savor the suffering.  Just taking adavantage of the opportunity to vent before it all commences!