So I had it in mind that I would spend this week focusing on what I’m thankful for.  But here it is TUESDAY and it’s late and I’m tired and feeling lame.


But I am thankful, donchaknow, and I really, really want to do this.

So tonight I take the easy route.  No pictures, no witty ramblings, just bare bones gratitude.

I am thankful for Mama Syd and Papa Chris asleep in the next room, who drove 26 hours straight to be here, with us, for just a few days.  I love those guys.

I am thankful for Susan’s friendship.  Without it I’m pretty sure I would curl up and die.  She keeps me real and has always and will always, push me closer to Christ and holiness.  I sure do like that about her.  And today is her birthday.  I am so thankful she was born.  “Skip around the room!”

I am thankful for a husband who deep cleaned the kitchen and kids room today while I was gone.  He also fed the kids and then made me lunch, too.  He deserves a trophy but what he gets is to leave at 4 am tomorrow morning to go hunting with my dad.  Close enough.

I am thankful for a roof over my head and a space heater and a warm bed while I listen to the wind howl and know the temperature is well below zero.  ZERO folks.  Brrrrrr.

I am thankful that Monday did her business outside tonight and not in my living room.

So very thankful for snow tires.

To be continued . . .