Today I took the triple screen glucose test and was out of the house for 3 hours.  In the morning.  In our life, this equals a whole day with the kids – school was missed, the routine was shot.  The kids even spent most of the morning watching movies!  Gah!  When I returned home, they were still in their jammies and starving (as was I.  But they did get breakfast.) and the place was pretty jacked up.  I was slightly “frustrated.”  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate my beloved working hard for the money, but COME ON! 

Anyway, it was warm and the snow was melting fast.  The crew was longing for a snowman and dad was too busy to help, so after lunch, we headed out to whip up this little guy.


We think he turned out pretty sweet.  And even though we had done an experiment with melting snow and saw how dirty it was, it didn’t keep the kids from chowing down on anything that didn’t have a leaf stuck in it.