How about a little mid-week quiz a la the sddaniels?

Clear your desks . . .

1. Last night Monday opened up and ate the contents of

a. the bag of sweet bread brought back from the in-laws from San Antonio

b. my makeup compact

c. a poopy diaper

2. While folding laundry, you discover that the extra-large load of whites has been washed with

a. Jac’s Space Pen

b. a wad of gum

c. a brown crayon

3. Noticing her puffier-than-normal cheeks, you sweep your daughter’s mouth and find

a. 8 Valentine candy hearts

b. 2 marbles

c. a hair clip

4. While changing your daughter’s diaper you find

a. 8 Valentine candy hearts

b. 2 marbles

c. a hair clip

5.  “Ndgaaa!” means

a. drink

b.  dad

c.  Philip

d. all of the above

6.  “Felleton” is Tess for

a.  skeleton

b.  fellowship

c.  gentleman

d.  we don’t have any idea

7. While growing your daughter’s bangs out, do you

a.  get so frustrated that four months in, you chop them all off

b.  re-do her hair 4 times an hour for the 12 hours she’s awake

c.  decide not to comb her hair at all because it will all just come undone anyway

8.  When a friend drops by for a quick visit she comes in to find

a.  a pew covered in laundry (it’s folded!)

b.  3 days worth of dirty dishes in the kitchen

c.  the traces of two meals on the table

d.  all of the above

9. On Sunday, Jac had to jump the van

a.  3 times

b.  4 times

c.  5 times

d.  None.  We called AAA once

10.  When you come upstairs at midnight to find the aftermath of Monday’s snack, a 3 year-old wandering around with a wet and bare bottom half and ants on the table and floor, do you

a.  have a complete meltdown

b.  shudder, cringe and then go to bed, leaving your spouse to deal with it

c.  laugh it all off and plan a blog post

Now, pass your answers to the person in front of you – via a comment – by April Friday, April 30th.  I will post the answers then.  But really, send your answers back to me and the highest scoring testy-poo will get a FABULOUS prize from the sddaniels.  And yes, that’s how we inspire during school around here – bribery.  It works every time.