I don’t ever need much of an excuse to cry. But throw in some pregnancy hormones and all bets are off. Really, these days 93% of the time I feel like I could either vomit or cry and the other 7%, I know I could do both at the same time.

Recently, though, here are the things that have made me choke up;

– When Michael and John Paul and Mark Horn were given candidacy to the priesthood.  12 priests were there in Our Lady’s chapel and the sound of their strong voices singing over all the others just about made my heart break.

– The movie ‘Taking Chance.’ We watched it as a family for Memorial Day and it is such a beautiful story of how we treat our fallen soldiers and the price of freedom.  I cried through the entire film.

– More t.v. . . . We have been viewing the History Channel’s ‘America: She Story of Us’ for an overview of American History with the kiddos.  The opening sequence gets me EVERY TIME.

– Watching Max play kickball all out at Family Camp. I’m not sad that he’s growing, I’m just impressed and awestruck how it happening.

– The sound of the kids getting their first look of the lake for the season.  Too good, I say!

– Fifth and Broadway.  This year the theme was WWII era songs – so romantic and patriotic!  Then Mama Syd pointed out to the kids which ones Nana Joyce had lost and I couldn’t help but cry.

– Watching the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance at a recent wedding.  Though it seems like we just had our day, it really won’t be long until our own kiddos are making vows, no matter how God calls them.  Again, I wasn’t sad but overwhelmed by the memories I have yet to store up.

– The fourth of July parade.  Even the noisy firetrucks and people in crazy socks choked me up.  Honest.

And I know I will cry my little eyes out at the priestly ordination of Nathan Sparks tonight because God is so big and we are so small and yet he is so very good to us to let us receive him.  There will be loads of priests and deacons, incense, the Bishop elect, a Lakota drum and blessed silence.  I can’t wait.  Bring on the water works.