This week the stockshow is in town.  In order to make sure my kids don’t turn out to be complete city-slickers and to keep my brother off my back, we went on a “fieldtrip” today.  While at the civic center we took in a red angus show (above), walked the entire length of the civic center and then some, visited the FFA petting zoo and got in 7 stations of the SDSU extension service “Taking Stock of Science and Agriculture.”

We had not been in the extension area for 30 seconds when the lady in charge greeted us and asked, “Are you . . . uh . . . homeschoolers?”  I had to keep myself from laughing outright (currently, due to the pregnancy, I have a Julia Roberts-esque laugh.  Deep, hearty and loud.  It would’ve been rude, up in her face and all . . . ).  I smiled and replied that yes, were are.  She enthusiastically tole me she’d get me some hand outs to take home to continue what they were going to experience.  Now, I would have likely (okay, probably not) forgotten the whole “Homeschoolers?” question if not for being a sked a few more times in the same area the same question by different people.  There were kids with their families all over the place – folks come from ranches and farms from all over the 5 state region!  And there were lots of little kids around the joint.  I wondered what made us stand out and scream “homeschool.”  It’s deffinitely not the vibe I’m going for.  I prefer to blend in.  I’m thinking those days are over.

Anyway, homeschoolers though we are, we got to see some pretty cool stuff – a real cow stomach, lego robots, made some butter and yeast blow up a balloon.  Oh, and Tess wet her pants and Philip puked in the car the  moment we pulled into the driveway.  I tell ya, homeschooling is where it’s at.