Let’s ignore my fabulously dirty table, shall we?  The one with the remains of the party from the night before and assorted LEGOS.

Look past that and focus on the baby.  The baby who looks as if she belongs there, perched on the table cool as a cucumber?  THAT one.

More than her older siblings, this girl thinks that the world revolves around the table.  There is no where else she would rather be than on it’s top perusing and sampling all of it’s wares.

She will sit happily for hours as long as something – anything – is within her reach.  When she is on her own power, she climbs any surface to reach the table.  NOTHING is safe from her.  Drinks, salt and pepper shakers, jars of sprinkles, condiments, phones, ipods, computers, magazines, etc. etc. She samples it all and is learning the laws of physics during her explorations.

It’s making me crazy.

Above the danger of her constant climbing is this: the mess.  The table, the floors, the chairs, they’re all covered in her experiments.  Even when the table is clear (an event that is on the increase as of late, thanks to Ellie), the top shows evidence of her sticky hands and dirty feet.

You know what would be nice?  If we had a dog to clean up the detritus.  THAT would be super awesome.

Hmmm?  Monday?  Oh, yeah.  She’s worthless.  No crumb catching for her.  No, she prefers to take food right off of your plate or directly from your hand.  That’s her version of awesome.

So I’m left with a baby on the table and a disaster on the floor and the hope that she’ll table this habit soon.