We are home from our great adventure in Denver. The rest of the family is pleased to be home, though I am missing the maids and continental breakfast of our cozy hotel.  That was the life!

I will attempt to catch the blog up to speed over the next few days – museums visited, animals seen, bodily fluid count, etc. etc.

However, beofre I forget …

Today, before we left, we visited the Cathedral with Fr. C. and Susan (Nana Joyce had recommended it highly and when in a cathedral city you just MUST go … ). It’s in the heart of downtown (read: tricky parking, shady characters, city smells) and Jac was a marvel getting us all there without getting lost.  Once inside, we all quickly scattered to search out the nooks and crannies that most interested each of us.  Tess trotted after Jac (I’m still not sure if he was ever aware of her presence.  Seriously.), Max held Fr.’s hand and Philip stuck with me.  Together we checked out the nifty workings of the locking velvet ropes at the end of each pew.  Then we went to look at the statue of a Guardian Angel (this being the feast of the Gaurdians and all).  In the same alcove was a statue of St. Therese, a large image of St. Paul from Rome and a beautiful, large crucifix, all in white marble.  We oohed and aahed and made our observations.  Then Philip became transfixed with Jesus.  Without moving his eyes from our suffering Lord, he asked

“Mama, why did Jesus come?”

“Because he loves us.”


“Yes. Because he loves you so much.”

He smiled a knowing smile.  “And why did he die on the cross?”

“Because he wanted you to be with him forever.”

He was nearly bursting with pride and excitement at the thought of it.  Still he stared up at the King.  His face was glowing and he hopped around.  “With me?  forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and EVER?!?” his voice was high, high, high for impact.

“Yes.  Forever.”

“Yeah.  I know.”

My heart was breaking with the joy of it all.  So simple!  I’ve been thinking of it all day – how often I am tripped up in the dreariness and the suffering of life.  I feel the splinters and hear the jeering laughter at the crucifixion.  I forget the excitement, the beauty and joy of that wonderful man on that awesome cross.  Of how amazing it is because he loved me. It is pretty sweet.